Many of these are used in bushcraft and many are not. I like the way TX Tool Crib shows variations and explains how knots work and different ways of tying them. clove hitches are shown alot on courses but never with the locking systems or the better variations. A Round Turn and Two Half Hitches would be better shown as an Anchor Hitch. ETC. However you have to learn the basics first.

0:28 Half Hitch

1:26 Clove Hitch

4:07 Spar Hitch

5:32 Picket Line Hitch, Ground Line Hitch

6:14 Constrictor Hitch, Constrictor Knot

7:40 Boom Hitch

9:07 Pile Hitch, Post Hitch

9:34 Buntline Hitch

10:25 Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

11:13 Anchor Hitch, Anchor Bend, Fisherman’s Bend

12:16 Taut Line Hitch

13:48 Midshipman’s Hitch

15:02 Prusik Hitch, Adapted Prusik Loop Knot

17:30 Farrimond Friction Hitch

19:14 Trucker’s Hitch