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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

I have the above words tattooed on me some where. Those words are not exactly meant about bushcraft although they are included in a bushcraft style tattoo. They were meant about being wandering to find yourself, lost in yourself . In who you are.

I think most people spend much of their lives trying to find out who they are, if theyre lucky they have people turn up in their lives as sign posts, to help a person take the path they are meant to be on in life.

Through bushcraft Im finding more self aware people, the same with martial arts. I think if someone had of pointed me towards the links below when I was younger I wouldnt have wasted so much of my life trying to figure things out for myself or being pointed in the wrong direction.

Much of my character people didnt understand and tried to steer me away or to change. Now I realize that was what I was meant to be like.

There is a difference between fixing yourself and changing to suit others. For example; when younger you feel like you have to fit in which I never did. I now realize that I dont have to fit in, I dont need to fit in, I have to fit in. I can fit in any where I like ,if I want to.

I always found it difficult to learn. After discovering I was dyslexic I began to figure out how to learn and began to enjoy the process of learning.

Personality types play a large role in our actions. There are several ways of looking at this Alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta and sigma. Also the 16 personality types by Meyers Briggs based on favorite world, information, decisions, structure.

“Perception involves all the ways of becoming aware of things, people, happenings, or ideas. Judgment involves all the ways of coming to conclusions about what has been perceived. If people differ systematically in what they perceive and in how they reach conclusions, then it is only reasonable for them to differ correspondingly in their interests, reactions, values, motivations, and skills.”

The theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.

You begin to understand yourself better. See what you think in the links below. I had to put this down after meeting someone that had actually heard of this and had similar traits as to myself and thought life would have been so much easier if i had of seen this when I was younger.

Life may be about a lot of things. I think its about finding yourself and then its about what you do with your knowledge. The only thing truly left of you when yourve left this mortal plane, other than ash is how you have influenced those that have stumbled across the path you have chosen to walk.


Beaver Bushcraft Products

I have brought several products from Beaver Bushcraft by Mark Hordon and have tested them out enough to feel it was worth sharing them. I have a bearing block for a fire-bow that can also be used as a flint striker and pivot for a hand drill. I also have a striker that has been weaved onto paracord so I can use it instead of the back of a knife blade. Just makes it easier to put back in my pocket. The paracord is a reverse twist rope method and probably the ugliest join Ive ever done.

Double Figure 8

Learned a new knot today. Ive used Figure 8’s before in rock climbing and abseiling but had something else in mind for this variation. I wanted to place two loops on the either end of a fire-bow bearing block to make it easier to use on a hand drill configuration.Much more comfortable than a single loop on the thumbs.

2019 level 1 course

I was going through some old picture files and found some from the level 1 course with Bushcraft Survival Australia. I met Scotty from you-tubes “Scoty goes walk abouts” there too. Ill see what else I can find . I didnt take too many photos.

rock wallaby
wash station
camp kitchen
learning area
Gordo teaching
Scotty from scotty goes walkabouts
our group

Leuku Knives

Ive been getting more and more into traditional knife designs lately and have been looking for a Leuku style blades that have an upgraded to a handle that wont slip and better steels than spring type steels and a full tang to suit Australian timbers. I tend to like 8 inch blades for having more control for limbing and making timber projects than using axes. Leuku is a Finnish word meaning big knife used by the Sammi People. Ill be looking into the below two companies in the new year. Utility tools also makes a really nice Kephart blade that interests me too.

traditional leuku

Goals for 2022

Apart from finishing off Wilderness Medicine that I had to postpone this year due to ill health. I have a fly fishing stream craft course in the new year followed by level 2 bushcraft with Gordon Deadman. Then back to NSW to catch up with Al Ainsworth and Jake Cassar to do more on foraging and bush foods. Followed by Tacmed Australia Tactical Medicine stop the bleed training. Im still looking for a Permaculture Design course at some stage in 2022 aswell.

Meanwhile Im downsizing from a 17 foot caravan. An old timber framed Millard that has been fully restored to a 14 foot trailer fashioned after an American Cargo trailer set up. Lets call it a bug out trailer for fun but Ill be living in it. I have just enough to build it and fit windows and solar before being broke until the sale of the caravan before I can insulate and clad the interior walls, before beginning to travel once again. The 14 footer will be fitted out for more off road use and larger battery and solar panels , an outdoor shower to stay fully off grid for months at a time. Stay tuned for the build posts.

Im looking for someone that has a property that they are willing to lease out a section in exchange for a couple of hours of work a day helping with working the land. Id like to set up an on going Permaculture come food forest garden system. Along with living in a tipi and document it all. Ill see how far I get and how my health holds up but thats the plan so far.

Bushcraft Belt Anvil Hide

Ive been looking for a bushcraft gear belt that can hold a possibles pouch, knife, axe, saw etc in traditional leather. I think Ive finally come across one I really like. Made by anvil Hides out of Hermann Oak 7mm bridal leather, advertised as an unbreakable belt. 44mm wide with solid brass fittings, double holed. I had been trying to find off cuts of bridal leather to update the belt straps on my possibles pouch and stumbled across this site. Looking forward to hearing back from them in the new year.

Warrigal Greens (Tetragonia tetragonioides)

Warrigal Greens or New Zealand Spinach gets its name from its seeds because they look like puppies heads and Warrigal is the Wiradjuri word for dog and are a perennial spinach-like plant native across south eastern Australia. They are easy to grow and are an excellent ground cover producing bright, green leaves than can be harvested and blanched like spinach.

Like spinach and other leafy greens, Warrigal Greens contain oxalates meaning that it’s important that they’re blanched or cooked before eating (the heat removes the acid).

The botanical name of Tetragonia was given because the woody seeds are ten-sided. It’s also known as NZ Spinach as it’s native to New Zealand and also parts of eastern Asia, Chile, Argentina. A member of the ice plant or Aizoaceae family, Warrigal greens are an edible succulent.

The native plant grows quickly to 2 m across and around 30 cm high, Leaves contain high levels of vitamin K, as well as vitamins C and B6, and manganese. This is a native plant and should not be harvested wild, however the seeds can be purchased and grown.

They are one of those plants I would like to plant and have go wild on properties to gather and provide a crop year round



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