Knots used for Setting up a Tarp. If you ask three different people how to set up a a tarp youll get five different answers thats if your lucky. Find what works for you. Youll require an anchor knot, a tensioning knot, and adjustable knot for the guylines and a two other knots for some other tricks I was shown. I like a combination in the links below for setting up an A Frame configuration..They can also be used for a Lean-to and a Plow Point which are the three main ones I tend to use.

My anchor knot has always been an Evank quick release and Ive started using an improved truckers hitch for the tensioning knot as Ive been employing oil skin tarps which are much heavier than nylon. Then the adjustable guy-line hitch which is pretty much a one sided prusic for as the name suggests for tensioning guy lines.

The first trick I was shown was to run another length of paracord underneath the A-frame to use as a hanging system which is where I once again use the Evank followed by the taut Tarp Hitch.I use this line for lights,socks, hats etc.

The Rapid Ridge-line system I carry when I havent had a tarp set up with all the lines pre attached and staged, such as when Im using a day pack with emergency items and a lightweight tarp just in case.

The Sheet bend. I carry and extra length of paracord maybe 3 meters long with the ridge line in case the tress are just a little too far apart. That way I dont need to go into my cordage bag and cut material and its right where I need it to complete the task at hand. I use a Sheetbend to attach the two pieces of cordage.

Lastly Prusic knots are used to tension the tarp to the ridgeline.

Corporals Corner Improved Trucker


Taut Tarp Hitch

Adjustable Guy line

Rapid Ridgeline

Tarp set up


prusic Knot