One lesson I learned while in Tasmania was to carry a day pack even on a 15 minute hike. Here on the mainland I can ride for 15 minutes and if I had an accident its just a matter of time before someone came along or I could call an ambulance or a taxi. Just 5 minutes off a main road and your in deep bush in Tasmania with no internet coverage. In winter I wouldn’t see another vehicle for 2 hours sometimes even several days if stopping to camp.

One hike in particular where I had trouble. The signage wasn’t marked well. Arrows pointing in all directions but no pathways. It was alright walking down hill but turn around and look back and the track disappeared into the light. It was after seeing Dave Canterbury’s post on a minimal survival kit based on the 5C’s I started to put this together in my head.

My version is not so bushcrafty but more survival based around having an injury. Its hard enough on a good day to brush together enough bracken or pine needles into a bin liner let alone with a injury. Im not going to boil water, collect undergrowth for insulation, cutting timber for a fire is eaier with a small saw. Tinder is a big one for Tasmania. Everything was wet. On the ground in the trees, everywhere. So Id add man made tinder.

I was also finding a posted 15 minute hike was taking me 30 minutes to get to the destination and another 30 to 40 minutes to return.

You may also notice two tarps mentioned. That is to use a system involving two tarps one reflective for the fire and the other to form a secondary wall which is an A-frame design with a gap at the roof for letting out smoke. If your injured then firewood is what you can collect within a 5 meter circumference.

Pack: Sord day pack Pics forth coming

Water bottles plastic x 2

Grayl Water filter

SOL Breathable Bivi

SSA Reflective Blanket

Snugpak tarp


Bank Line 50m

Plastic tent Stakes x 6 also for fire starting

Poncho : weight depending on weather.Swagman roll or a gortex.

Ferro Rod

Bic Lighter wrapped in gorilla tape


Knife Tops Tanimboca

Saw Silky Pocket Boy 170mm

Platatac Gonk mat instead of a plastic bin liner to also use as a seat pad

Jet Scream Whistle

Signal mirror

Head lamp

First aid kit Amk 0.7

Wet wipes


Oatmeal bars