Abelmoschus manihot, commonly known as aibika, is a flowering plant in the family Malvaceae. It is a subshrub or shrub native to the Indian subcontinent, Indochina, central and southern China, Malesia, New Guinea, and Queensland. It was previously classified as a species of Hibiscus but is now categorized under the genus Abelmoschus.

Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Abelmoschus

Kingdom: Plantae

Species: A. manihot

Other common names; Aibika (PNG), Sunset Muskmallow, Sunset Hibiscus, Pele (Polynesia), Ailan Kapis (Vanuata), Lettuce Tree, Bele (Fiji), Beli (Tonga), and Slippery Cabbage (Solomon Islands).

Aibika has a potential yield of 65 tonnes per year, which makes it one of the highest yielding leafy vegetable. This, combined with its high nutrition profile and ease of growth, makes it one of the most important, most understated food plants.

Another good survival crop to keep an eye out for.