My Local camp spot became a little busy and I decided to travel into the hills to find another, to escape the heat. One place after another being filled up. I ended up on a bit of an adventure and turned up in the middle of BUTTF$KNOWHERE at a mates recommendation. Found a great little camping spot , drop pit toilet included. Ended up visiting places I hadn’t been in years. many having changed and no longer recognizable.

sunset at my standard camping spot
serenaded by maggies at dawn
a park where I went with my grandparents as a child
the old trees were still standing. I luv the old heritage buildings
this place seemed so large when I was a child. It was being Robinson Crusoe. now it seems so small
the pines shaped by the ocean and the wind
great views I spent the day here
still more natural navigation pics
finding shade on a hot day
twisted by the weather. these were here when I was ten
left by a fellow wanderer
twisted branches
cant escape the magpies
cliff face
the pebble beach where I grew up
stopped to avoid the lycra wearers and have a wine tasting
new camp spot where I met the swannies down under

nestled in between the vineyards
moon rising in the background