Beginners Knife Making by James Gibson an ESEE Knives Designers. I really enjoyed this course, it gave a good introduction to knife making and I became interested enough to consider making my own blades. I have designed knives before and had them made up by other makers and had done forging earlier on in my life. The short course covered :

Roughing out a blank

Profiling the knife blank

sharpening drill bits

Grinding bevels

Heat treating

Stoning the blades

Blade etching

Attaching the scales

Kydex sheaths

Final edge sharpening

The course was a good concept of teaching someone else within the shop and filming it. I would like to have seen more of tempering, sanding grades and applications, close ups of marking the blade, however well worth the $25USD.

Id like to try getting a stencil of a LT Wright GNS and make up my own version in 15N20 steel and Tasmanian Blackwood. I have a few questions on angles to start with on different grinds, different heat treatment temperatures of steals. Ive had a good understanding of metal work from school and beyond with a good eye and timing. While I have access to a workshop this is something Id really like to try. I’m trying to nut out a few courses I have put off lately to make way for my tracking course where it will require more concentration and is tested throughout the course, before my Bird Language course begins.. I don’t see the point in wasting time while I’m laid up doing rehab when I can still be learning. I’m starting to get back on my feet, thx Dave for the motivation.