Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Ive been trying to get back on my feet after having COVID and pneumonia. Pushing myself pretty hard. Doing a minimum of 6kms a day on the bike and up to 30kms on some days, pain being the limiting factor. I was doing the below workout two times a week and have had to separate things up to a two day split with trying to do legs as many times as possible. I cant do much unless I can get this leg to work properly or atleast to a level I can adapt to. The lung capacity is still too low to get back on the road to finish off my training courses. Im either too tired or in pain by the end of the day to concentrate on much else. After loosing 10 kilo I was doing 2 kilo bicep curls and after four months have finally gotten up to 6 kilo. I was doing 9 kilo curls before the Tassi trip. Ive lost a lot of lung capacity and conditioning. Getting back to a decent level of fitness has been my main priority over the last few months and will be for the next year if I want to get back into the field. Besides I cant get serious about looking for a rescue another staffy if I cant walk far enough to exercise a dog.

Workout Routine (Reverse Drop Sets)

Day 1 Chest and Shoulders


Dumb Bell Coffin Press

Machine Chest Press

Cable Pull Upper and Lower


Front Raise

Reverse Flys


Barbell Upright Row

Seated Shoulder Press

Rotator Cup Cable Side pull

Day 2 Legs and ABS

Leg Press

Leg Extension

Hamstring Curl

Calf Raise


Side Cable Bend

Cable Crunches

Day 3 Back, Triceps and Biceps


Seated Row

Lat Pull down

Machine Rear Deltoid Row

Dumb Bell One Arm Row


Cable Pushdown

Cable Kickback

Overhead Cable


Concentration Curl

Alternating Hammer, wrist up, wrist down , partials

I have enough trouble loading mags with my hands.