Haven’t been in the best of places since my Staffy passed in November. Been doing everything out of habit more than anything else. Fighting with the court system over a dodgy van build, the NDIS National Disability Scheme which seems to be a scheme in rorting the system more than anything else, working out at the gym almost every day to try and build back up the muscle Ive lost over the last year, made a new friend with cancer that Ive been trying to motivate and its ended up hes probably been motivating me more. Started drinking beer today and trying to carve my spoon project and stopped handling knives after the third beer. As I told my new mate I haven’t given up, just don’t give a f#k anymore. Selling my car and caravan and trying to buy a Mercedes Sprinter Van and live the van life for a while. I need a sea change. I write on the blog out of habit, I go to the gym out of habit and I give grief to government departments out of habit. Then I remembered something today. A promise that I made my self. It was 8 years Dec 3rd since my last transplant The NDIS said I can apply as many times as I like till Im 60. I’m not going to live that long, I know that. The week I got Tash she would tremble under the table just from me opening a rubbish bag she had been abused that much. Her back was fused from being beaten and her leg lame from being in a rabbit trap and crippled.Couldn’t even walk 50 feet. It took years of rehab to help her. I was driving interstate to do courses and went to let her out of the car to do her business and she backed into the corner of the back seat and wouldn’t come out. She thought I was going to dump her after ten years of being with me. Today I remembered that promise. I was going to hunt that c*^t down and work his spine with a hammer that did that to her before I croak. Brings a whole new attitude to life. You-tube clips have been popping up on my phone about adopting elder Pities that have been abused. Too early yet but thinking of fostering. Seems to be something I’m good at rehabilitating abused animals. I’m better with animals than I am with people.

carving project
beer and carving good way to spend the day
sitting by the river trying to get head straight
magpie scabbing food

The above clip reminded me of Tash.