Sorry for not posting much. Three times in hospital, Ive been exhausted. The third time pneumonia and a fungal infection in lungs. 16 days in total. On the road finally. Still trying to get used to van life after being in a house for so long.

woke up to this
different view
first campsite
checking out the tour at the wooden boat center
second campsite
waking up to this
walking trail
back at the campsite for second night
my mornings walking and taking photos
tried to walk to octopus tree but only made it halfway, leg and lungs weren’t up to it. decided to head back home early cant do much with my health like this
third campsite stayed here a few days 50 feet from the beach
no internet catching up on my reading
view of the coast

EDIT I decided to call off most of the trip and head back early to the mainland. I’m feeling hammered. The Octopus tree convinced me of that. It was meant to be a 15 minute walk to the tree. 20 minutes later I was halfway there. A mate called me on the phone which amazed me having no reception for the first part of the walk. I said if you dont hear from me in an hour call for help. I turned and looked behind me a saw the rocks I had just clamored down. There was no way I was going to make it back up. 40 minutes later after taking four paces and resting four paces and resting the whole way back up I was out. I spent the next two days on tramadol. I’m really thinking of archiving the blog for the next three months and do nothing else but bike riding and gym work till I’m back on my feet.

next campsite