I haven’t been posting much. Since my stay in hospital a few weeks ago. I have had a CT of my neck and a camera down my throat where they have found a lesion and I have to go back in a couple of weeks for a biopsy. A MRI on my pancreas, waiting for the report. A heart monitor, waiting for report. Had an eco-cardigram cancelled on me for not having the adequate required ventilation system for a high risk patient and need to find another hospital to have it done. A melanoma removed from my shoulder leaving me with a 60mm scar and may have to be referred to a surgeon to have more taken out. Lots of ideas for articles but getting more and more run down and no energy. It seems like Im spending more time in hospitals and doctors surgery’s than at home. By the time Ive helped a mate out with driving to keep his business afloat. I eat takeaway and am in bed by 5pm. Hoping everything will settle down in the next few weeks or Ill be spending even more time in hospitals. Getting lots of pictures of mushrooms I have never seen before but no energy to even try and figure identifying what they are. Xrays of the knees show no arthritis, physio seems to think its some sort of tendonitis.Havent had this many pain killers in a long time I feel like Im perpetually unfocused.