The reason I’m so hung up on knot variations is that there are just so much better ways of trying knots than the standard versions.

Yosemite Bowline (Yosemite Finish) Water Bowline Round-Turn Bowline (Double Bowline) Bowline In A Bight (Not at the end of a line) Twin Bowline (Bowline Bend).

I wouldn’t use all of these, however I definitely prefer the Yosemite and Double bowline over using the standard form. I tend to prefer double knots when they are available. The bowline in a bite is much stronger for climbing work. The twin bowline or bowline bend is what I use for attaching to either side of a bearing block to incorporate the bearing into a hand drill. The extra loop is much easier on the thumbs.

Why to improve a bowline.

Scott’s Locked bowline an alternative to the Yosemite ?

Remembering the easier the knot to tie, the easier to remember under stress.

Just to be a pain here are 18 bowline variations