I believe it took longer to take the pictures and write this up than to actually make the bow. Took a week for the poles to arrive from interstate and still cheaper than purchasing locally.
After testing the springiness I decided to go with the double tip design using the 6.9mm poles. Also easier than using a grinder on the tip to form a nocking point for the string.
Ducked tape up the joins and whip finished over the top with bank line. The bow came to between 12 to 15 LBS draw weight. I’m going to wrap some more duct tape around the bundle to try and stiffen up the limbs more to try and get at-least 20 LBS draw weight out of it. Might just be enough to take a rabbit at short range.
Filled up an afternoon and its something to do in the front yard after a few beers in the later in the day. Ill try and find some river cane in a few weeks when it grows higher to get thumb thickness cuttings and do a more bushcrafty version.

taping up the joins
taping the joins
whip finishing with bank line
showing the joins
sprung and holding
completed version
shooting at 15 yards
compared to the redneck bow