You’ll notice I don’t use all one channel for explaining knots. I tend to reference the Pathfinder school mostly. Their really good at explanations and applications, but Ill use whomever explains a certain knot and the variations the best. TX Tool Club I watch the most. he says what works and what doesn’t and shows better ways. Hes influenced me mostly in improving bush knots.

Hitches (Cordage to Pole)

Half hitch

insecure by itself but forms the basis for many other knots.

Truckers Hitch (Improved)

This is used for a tarp ridge-line.An Evank hitch is used for the static end instead of the bowline/marlin spike.

Clove hitch variation with stop knot lock, with half hitch lock on side, spar hitch,picket line or ground line hitch constrictor with slip ends

Post or pile hitch

Evank hitch or Siberian hitch

Used for the static end of a ridge-line.

Timber hitch

Marlin Spike Hitch

Round turn and two half hitches variation anchor hitch

Friction hitches –

Taut Tarp hitch,

Used to tension guylines.

Prusic, variation larks head