Knots (cordage to cordage)

Overhand knot, variation double overhand knot

used as a stopper knot

Fisherman’s variation double fisherman’s

used to join two pieces of cordage the same diameter.


Sheet bend variation double sheet bend

used to join two ropes of differing sizes

Slip knot

Square knot

Whipping knot

this can used from placing eyelets on fishing rods to tying flies to finishing the ends on rope.

Arbour knot or canadian jam

Tarp corners

with no eyelets

Figure 8 standard or trace, inline or directional, on a bight



On bight

Alpine butterfly – mid-line knot.  This means it can be set part way along a rope to create a loop that can be loaded in any direction.  With this use, both strands of the original rope can still be loaded in any direction