25 knots and variations that Ive found pretty much cover all bushcraft scenarios from setting up tarps to building structures.

Lashings (Pole to Pole)

Square lashing

Diagonal lashing

Shear lashing

Round lashing

Tripod Lashing

Hitches (Cordage to Pole)

Truckers Hitch (Improved)

Round turn and two half hitches

Arbour knot or Canadian jam

Buntline hitch

Clove hitch variation constrictor

larks head

Figure 8

Overhand knot

Round turn and two half hitches

Evank hitch

Timber hitch

Taut Tarp hitch

Knots (cordage to Cordage)



Sheet bend

Prusik knot

Slip knot

Square knot

Triline knot

Whipping knot

Grogs knots

Corperals Corner modified trucker


Taut Tarp hitch