The bushcraft Essentials Field Guide by Dave Canterbury. The postman was busy today. Ill be trying to read this over the next few weeks to do a review.

Update 24th Dec

Sick in bed for two days. So today was a good opportunity to take a break and recuperate and begin reading The Essential Field Guide. Well laid out, a good explanation of how the Pathfinder School instructs using the 5C’s relating to all aspects of training and adding another 5 levels from basic to intermediate.

The only two typo’s I found were pages 169 the illustration of the bucksaw was a production boreal saw and not a handmade timber take-down and two on page 170 the picture of the A frame roycroft pack frame was in fact a ladder style frame.

Broken into 9 chapters, such as (1) survival priorities covering, 5 priorities, 5 Cs of survivability, 5cs of sustainability. (3) 5ws of campsite selection, shelter necessities, shelter configurations, 5 components of a shelter kit, eg; (quick deployment ridge-line).(7) Bind-craft 5 basic knots and hitches, 5 additional knots, 5 lashings and cordage management.

“Lays out the basic system of teaching from introductory through to intermediate (5×5 system).”

Its not going to show the finer points of how to do something but it will show the methodology program used by the pathfinder school. The book gave me ideas to build on and ways to show how to teach by building levels through different areas.Nothing I hadn’t learnt before in terms of skills but its difficult for me to find a book now that will do that. However what this book does do is organize teachings into a very managmented way of looking at learning bushcraft.

So far Ive enjoyed this book the most out of the others written by Dave.