Its taken me close to two years of learning and research but think I finally have the knots required for everything bushcraft related. Along with variations and applications. I’m not putting down how to use them and where, as Id like to eventually teach this as a subject. There are a lot of previous posts on uses.

My idea is to teach privates on individual subjects and not a full bushcraft course. More a day on blades, a day on knots, a day on shelters (tarps), bug out bags, tool selection etc. More an informal day of getting stuck into areas that people would like to improve on. Bring in a little extra cash and give me something to do, where I can work around my health.

Many of the knots below are redundant, however you need to learn them before the variations.For example I no longer use a sheet bend only a double sheet bend. Clove hitches I now prefer a picket line hitch to stop any slipping. Finally an Anchor hitch is preferred over a round turn and two half hitches.

The other way Id like to go is to have pre-cut timbers for making projects. Such as a bushcraft chair to learn lashings. Tarps or ponchos to learn the four knots associated with putting them up. Adjustable tripods etc.

Lashings (Pole to Pole)

Square lashing

Diagonal lashing

Shear lashing

Round lashing

Tripod Lashing

Hitches (Cordage to Pole)

Half hitch

Truckers Hitch (Improved)

Clove hitch variation with stop knot lock, with half hitch lock on side, spar hitch, picket line or ground line hitch, constrictor with slip ends

Post hitch

Evank or Siberian hitch

Timber hitch

Marlin spike hitch

Round turn and two half hitches variation anchor hitch

Friction hitches –

Taut Tarp hitch,

Prusic, variation larks head

Knots (cordage to Cordage)

Overhand knot, variation double overhand knot

Fishermans variation double fishermans


Sheet bend variation double sheet bend

Slip knot

Square knot

Whipping knot

Arbour knot or Canadian jam

Figure 8 standard or trace, inline, on a bight

Tarp corners

Panic knot

Alpine butterfly

Soft shackles

Fishing knots

Surgeons knot

Trilene knot

Palomar knot


Mechanical Advantage

Flip Flop Winch

Paring ladder

An example of a project. Making a bushcraft table with lashings and knots.

Ammendment –

Buntline hitch – I was introduced to this knot or should I say hitch on a course for tying onto tarp eyelets. Its essentially a clove hitch tied onto the main line. The hitch is more secure than a round turn and two half hitches but difficult to remember and will not take a load and under load liable to jam I think the anchor hitch does the same job but better and is a modified round turn and two half hitches far easier to remember. So Im removing the buntline from the rotation.