Past Life

Pre 2000

4 years Taekwondo

7 years Hapkido

Crowd controller 10 years


Handgun retention instructor

Baton Instructor

Firearms Instructor



Cash Escort 4 years

bodyguard level 1

Defensive Driving level 3

Tactical firearms


Arborist / horticulurist

snake Catcher

Security Contractor

SES 4 years Search and rescue

Heavy Vehicles Heavy Articulated trucks, 4wd loader, backhoe,tractors,bobcat, forklift, grader.

Between 2003 and 2014

2 back operations and 2 double lung transplants, 4 years in a wheel chair and 12 years on an oxygen hose. Lots of operations and lots of rehab and learning to walk again. Lots of endone and beer

Pre 2019

5 years amok

4 years kali

3 years systema

Level 3 Kinetic Fighting with Paul Cale

A little kick boxing , JKD, Panatukan

Competed in IPSC and PRS shooting

rebuilt a 1976 bedford bus


Trapping ,Snaring and Cordage Rocky Instincts

Flint knapping Australian Survival Instructors kevin Newton

Basic Bushcraft Gordon Deadman Bushcraft Survival Australia (Level 1)

MoraKniven with Dave Canturbury

Spoon making , Carving and Knife Skills Spoonsmith Jeff Donne

Weaving with Natural materials

Bush Foods Jake Cassar

4wd Training Rock and Sand Rick Esser


Aikido Jo

1 – 12 strikes

ST John Ambulance First Aid

ST John Ambulance Remote First Aid

Grey Bearded Green Beret online virtual training, into the winter cold weather skills, no nonsense bug out, into the ozarks, wilderness medical, into the woods.

Paul Kirkley Online Basic Bushcraft

rebuilt a 1970s Millard Caravan


Aikido Jo and Bokken 12 – 36 strikes

Forraging with Al Ainsworth

Forraging online course Jake Cassar

Paul Kirkley Online Tree and Plant identification Master Class

kali Centre knife fighting

Narrative Yoga Flat Bow Making

Outdoorcore Online Training, Roycroft Pack Frame Building, Survival Bow Making, Edible and Medicinal Trees North American Species, Introduction to the Identification of Edible and Medicinal Plants, Urban Survival, Bushcraft Hygiene and First Aid, 25 ways to use a Cravat to splint,sling and Bandage.

Tristen Gooley Online Natural Navigation

Mushroom Identifcation


(My to do List)

Wilderness Medicine Survive First aid

Bush Foods Jake Cassar white and yellow belts

Tactical Medicine (stop the bleed) Tacmed Australia

Permaculture Design Milk Wood

Intermediate Bushcraft Gordon Deadman bushcraft Survival Australia (Level 2)

Edible Weeds , very edible gardens

Streamcraft flyfishing with Hurleys fly fishing