I’m generally not a big compass user. I have done a few orienteering and navigation courses. I can plot a course on a map however compass use is still one of my short comings. I have found several other courses Id like to do in this area. I tend to use topographical maps the most and follow ridge-lines and only use a compass to orientate the map to North. On most of my courses I have used a Silva Expedition Compass for map use and have recently purchased a Suunto MC2 for bushcraft use.

Silva Ranger SL

Some time ago I saw a Paul Kirkly presentation on using a Silva Ranger SL as a backup compass and I took to this idea as its small enough to keep in a belt pouch. Where I usually keep my Suunto in my haversack. The belt pouch is always on me.

I have become more and more interested in traditional bushcraft and using canvas and oilskin over nylon and noticed Coalcracker Bushcraft recently did a you-tube clip on the Trunord Button Compasses. This looks like it would match in with my more traditional approach that Im now taking to bushcraft and would make a good little backup for me to carry in my belt pouch.

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Silva Ranger SL Use

Silva Ranger SL Backup Compass


Trunord Brass Button Compass