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HSS 2mm vs 3mm

Just a few quick pictures of the High Speed Steel lathe bits in 2mm/14mm vs the 3mm/16mm strikers I made up previously. Currently waiting on black 3mm paracord to do the grip wraps on the 2mm. I wanted to get a comparison pic before posting off the last 3mm strikers.

The above wrapped with 425 tactical cord or 3mm macrame, with loops at the ends this time. I also found out you can grind off the burs at the back.

Attached to a neck lanyard. Had to re-wrap the large striker I can only take brightly colored paracord for so long.

Bushcraft Fishing Kit For Freshwater Streams

Ive put together this small fishing kit that is convenient to carry and store, mainly for smaller streams rather than the river Ill be testing it out in at the end of the week. I replaced the nylon line on the Yoyito to an old floating fly line to make it easier to rewind onto the hand-line. A sinking line may have been a better choice for the river Ill be using it in. I may have to rig it with a heavier sinker and a running float to use as an indicator.

the full kit however i may add another line for creating a rod from a branch
small floats, hooks, split shot, flies Ive had luck with locally and safety pins cut off to make eyelets on a branch
yoyito handline

Duct Tape Chores

Ive been meaning to do this for some time. Wrap all my Bic lighters with Gorilla Tape to use as an emergency fire lighter. Ive also had holes in my emergency Blanket. This one has lasted me two years and Id like to see how far I can take it before total disintegration. I probably need a new one for the pack I’m currently setting up. However this is why you always carry a roll of gorilla tape in your pack.

wrapped and child safety removed
quick repair

Char Tin Contents

I was asked to do close ups of the contents and what I kept in my char tin. Short story long! Char Cloth of course šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

old tobacco tin
sail needle in lid rather than on knife sheath, bag of char cloth and tinder wick
frensel lense on base, badest bee fire fuses and rope char Ive been experimenting with
I keep an oilskin bag of jute in my haversack
exotac nano candle to use as an extender
tinder wick needs to be unwound
make as finer strands as possible
till a small bush of feathers
the ferro rod needs to be placed on the material when striking

I’m getting into the use of extenders. Tinder wicks and candles. If your in the middle of the bush for an extended period with only one Bic Lighter, Id rather save the fuel and use either a candle or a tinder wick when trying to ignite damp material. Rather than use up all the fuel in a tool with a limited life span then to rely solely on primitive means of ignition. The same goes for the frensel lense. On a clear hot day its very easy to use when incorporating charcloth and jute twine.

Upgrade Of Ferro Rod Size

I was watching the Grey Bearded Green Beret and on several of his you-tube clips he mentions preferring a longer ferro rod I think it was on his winter gear dump video. I thought Id give it a go, with the damage in my hands and found it much easier. On one course they taught to tie a piece of paracord to the ferro rod and attach it to your belt. I found it became tangled all the time. So my version was to do a reverse wrap which didn’t tangle but still filled up the pocket. I think Id only use this on certain courses where your always making fires and under a time limit for testing not for real world applications. I also tried wrapping the grip end with Gorilla tape for an emergency fire starter and ended up going with the same paracord wrap I used earlier for the tungsten strikers. in a bright color so I couldn’t loose it if dropped.

Possibles Belt Pouch Update

Ive been trying to sort out my belt pouch and remove all the unnecessary gear and have a fire making kit only bag. A more streamlined and lighter version.

bagerclaw on left right one I made and top a british version in hard leather
rear view I should have used thicker leather on mine for the belt straps
kit contents
going to retire the repair items to another bag but Ill keep the DC4
only items in the tin are tinder and a soft frensel lense on the base
all my fire lighting kit are in a oilskin bag. I use lawn mower cord for the firebow
the SAK and lighter go in my pocket
The ferro rod isnt in the main pic I was still making the handle
same wrap as the strikers in a previous pot
I was using the left side version
difference in sizes

HSS (High Speed Steel)

High Speed Steel is a tool steel used to make cutting tool material such as lathe and mill bits to withstand greater temperatures without loosing its temper, allowing it to cut faster hence the name.The Heat treatment is generally above 60 Rockwell. This steel is usually made from Tungsten or cobalt. I looked into it for ferro rod strikers, finding an 200 x 14 x 3mm piece was $80 AUD locally, $20 from Amazon and $6 each from Ali-express. So I grabbed 5 pieces to get free shipping. I’m planning on scoring with at 100mm with a grinder and breaking them in half and doing a Strider wrap over two inches to form a handle. I have tested the steel on my ferro rod . Works great and the size gives me greater purchase for my hands than the smaller strikers that come with many of the ferro rods that are bent tin looking things. Should make good Christmas presents for my bushcrafty mates.

cut to 100mm pieces
stuffed up this one burnt end not covered by cordage had to rebind it. I also moved the cord from 50/50 to 60/40mm
3mm paracord vs 550 cord
just have to seal the tails and make loops

Made a batch up. If I were doing it again I would use 2mm steel instead of three and stick to 3mm paracord and get some more colours. Id also cut the length to 65mm, smaller to fit in the pocket or altoid tins. I’m just using up left over pieces I had on hand.Filled in an afternoon for something different. Ill keep a couple for myself and the rest are giveaways to mates.

Ceramic Zero Friction Kiln Fired Palm Stone.(Fire Bow Drill,Bearing Block)

I was scanning sites looking for tungsten ferro rod strikers and came across the below company selling ceramic bearing blocks and had to grab one to try out. I’m amazed no one has thought of it before.

Description from seller (walkingbirdoz) on Eprey AU
Here is a double fired and glazed ceramic palm stone / bearing block for use in a fire bow drill set. This SINGLE palm stone is APPROX 35 mm across (larger size also available) Back of stone that contacts hand is unglazed and slightly textured for easy handling. Very hard wearing and durable.

current collection of bearing blocks from steel to micarta
glazed side
unglazed for grip texture

Hiking Day Pack A Work In Progress

One lesson I learned while in Tasmania was to carry a day pack even on a 15 minute hike. Here on the mainland I can ride for 15 minutes and if I had an accident its just a matter of time before someone came along or I could call an ambulance or a taxi. Just 5 minutes off a main road and your in deep bush in Tasmania with no internet coverage. In winter I wouldn’t see another vehicle for 2 hours sometimes even several days if stopping to camp.

One hike in particular where I had trouble. The signage wasn’t marked well. Arrows pointing in all directions but no pathways. It was alright walking down hill but turn around and look back and the track disappeared into the light. It was after seeing Dave Canterbury’s post on a minimal survival kit based on the 5C’s I started to put this together in my head.

My version is not so bushcrafty but more survival based around having an injury. Its hard enough on a good day to brush together enough bracken or pine needles into a bin liner let alone with a injury. Im not going to boil water, collect undergrowth for insulation, cutting timber for a fire is eaier with a small saw. Tinder is a big one for Tasmania. Everything was wet. On the ground in the trees, everywhere. So Id add man made tinder.

I was also finding a posted 15 minute hike was taking me 30 minutes to get to the destination and another 30 to 40 minutes to return.

You may also notice two tarps mentioned. That is to use a system involving two tarps one reflective for the fire and the other to form a secondary wall which is an A-frame design with a gap at the roof for letting out smoke. If your injured then firewood is what you can collect within a 5 meter circumference.

Pack: Sord day pack Pics forth coming

Water bottles plastic x 2

Grayl Water filter

SOL Breathable Bivi

SSA Reflective Blanket

Snugpak tarp


Bank Line 50m

Plastic tent Stakes x 6 also for fire starting

Poncho : weight depending on weather.Swagman roll or a gortex.

Ferro Rod

Bic Lighter wrapped in gorilla tape


Knife Tops Tanimboca

Saw Silky Pocket Boy 170mm

Platatac Gonk mat instead of a plastic bin liner to also use as a seat pad

Jet Scream Whistle

Signal mirror

Head lamp

First aid kit Amk 0.7

Wet wipes


Oatmeal bars

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