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Blade Mods 2023

I was watching the two you-tube clips below on edge modifications to a Cold Steel Recon Scout 3V and sent mine off to a mate to have the edge checked to see if was worth me adjusting the angle from 25 degrees to 20 degrees. He firstly asked if it were to be used as a skinner/fighter or a chopper/survival knife. This was was purely for survival. His opinion was to leave it as is. With Australian hardwoods a sharper angel would chip the edge. The edge itself he thought would require honing only on his Japanese Water Stones. One comment on the bottom of the clips was that they decided not to purchase a Recon due t the change in ownership and quality control, however I found this rendition of the Recon I have liked the most. My friend also has an original recon and believes that the grip is also slightly thicker but has yet to find the carbon model to double check.

He has also modified the sheath to use as a cross-draw by manufacturing an adapter plate.

Along with an adapter to make the Extrema Ratio Pugio fit better onto molle.

The third project was to add an primary bevel to the TOPS El Pionero false edge.

Bushcraft Knives I Own

I believe this is where I screwed up when going through my blades to sell and picked up my Mora Garberg along side of each of these.

Top to bottom an LT Wright Shemanese, LT Wright Sospes, Quickhatch Bushman, Spyderco Bushcraft, ESSE RB3, ESSE CR2.5 that I made into a neck knife.

ESSE 5/6 Killer

The Caldwell 1 in 6. A 6 inch blade with palm swell, micarta grip, no choil ,made in 1/4 inch CPM154 steel. I fitted my ESSE 6 Broom handle version over the top of this and the blade shape was almost the same. However the design captured both the ESSE 5 thickness with the ESSE 6 length making for the perfect combination. With the full height grind it actually feels lighter than the ESSE 5 and Becker BK2, even with the extra inch of steel at the tip. I usually recommend ESSE knives to people and had to put this one up to show what an ESSE with a 1/4 inch spine in a 6 inch blade would look like with 3D grips. I believe there were under 200 Caldwells made in this model.

CRKT Persevere

Its amazing what you come across when going through your knife lock box. I hadn’t gotten around to testing my CRKT Persevere adze/axe. On my to do list this week.

my collection of adze/axes

“The CRKT Persevere is a survival axe head designed to be a 5-in-1 survival tool. Simply lash it to a stick and the Persevere becomes a splitting wedge, knife, axe, chisel or adze. It travels flat and light for comfortable and convenient belt carry. “

Knife Clean Out

When the lock-box starts getting too heavy to lift its time to sell a few blades off and I need a new fridge. These have seen very little use I haven’t had time or trusted myself to flog knives for the past few months due to my health. If I cant incorporate something into my gear now its getting sold. Downsizing to a van means things have to go.

TOPS BOB Fieldcraft 154CM Green Canvas Micarta $300. Sent this one off three times to modify then changed my mind.
Fixed Blade, Full Tang
Overall Length : 254mm
Blade Length : 121mm
Cutting Edge : 114mm
Blade Thickness : 5mm
Blade Material : 154CM Stainless Steel Cryo Treated
Hardness : RC 58-60
Blade Finish : Tumble Finish
Handle Material : Green Canvas Micarta
Weight w/ Sheath : 298g
Sheath : Black Kydex with firesteel included
Sheath Clip : Rotating Spring Steel
Designer : Brothers of Bushcraft

HalfBreed CCK-01 dark earth older model still marked Hardcore Hardware $200

Shaman Workshop Leuku $300
8 inch blade 1/4 inch think slepner tool steel similar to D2.

Mcgowan Firestone belt axe with custom micarta grip
The BeltAxe Blade is beautiful investment-cast, high-carbon 440C stainless steel, heat-treated and annealed to hold a knife-like edge through the heaviest cutting and chopping tasks.Handle is secured by a hardened-steel set screw and spring-steel roll pin – features normally found on competition speed axes.Includes unique swivel sheath.

  • Weight: 1 lb-5oz
  • Blade width: 5″
  • Cutting Edge: 4.5″
  • Overall length: 12.5″
  • Handle length: 11.5″

TOPS Firestrike 45 Knife FS45 $300
Overall Length: 324mm
Blade Length: 177.8mm
Blade Thickness: 6.35mm
Blade Material: 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating
Handle Material/Colour: Black Linen Micarta
Sheath Material/Colour: Black Kydex
Sheath Clip: Rotating Spring Steel
Weight w/ Sheath: 567g
Manufacturer Number: FS45

Mora Garberg (SOLD)

Ill delete descriptions when sold. Prices include shipping within Australia.

Small Saw Comparison

from left Opinel, silky out back pocket boy 170mm, silky pocket boy 130mm, Laplander

This is the first time Ive had all the pruning saws in one place at the same time to compare.

Opinel in size with 130mm Silky
Outback 170mm next to Laplander
saw cuts 130mm on left outback on right
laplander cut on far right

I was chatting to Al Ainsworth about the saws I was selling and he mentioned that he found the Outback cut much better than the other saws and this was the first time Ive had all of them together. I had given away the silky pocket boy 130mm to a mate but asked for it back to specifically do this test.

I had purchased the silky 130mm for an edc but never had a use for it and found after cutting next to the other the width of the cut is much thinner. The opinel which I’m selling is nice to use however I need a multi-tool every time I want to open the blade.

Cutting between the Silky outback and the Laplander. Horses for courses. If I was cutting a branch from higher up the pull stroke of the silky and if cutting lower down the Laplander push stroke as I used to a carpenter saw. Ill keep both and keep swapping them around through my kit.

They’ve both ended up in my lock box because the only time I use either one is on a training course. The first saw I grab to cut timber for firewood is a Boreal.

SAK Pouches

Anyone looking for a good quality leather belt pouch for their SAK (Swiss Army Knife), try Aussie Bush Leather. I have one for my Leatherman aswell. They fit well and good stitching.

the large suits the Trekker
good quality stitching
fits well
attention to detail with logo
leather-man tool pouch at rear

Cold Steel Recon Scout 3V

I have now owned four Recon Scouts, all with different steels. From the original Carbon V, to SK5 and the last 01 steel. I re-handled the SK5 and sold the 01 in almost mint condition when I heard a 3V version was coming out. 3V being one of my favorite steels. I also hope to grab a Kukri in 3V at some point in time. It feels a little heavier than I remembered and the grip seems slightly thicker which I prefer. I had almost forgotten that I had asked Al from Survival Supplies to get me one in and was watching Hostiles (2017) with Christian Bale and they were carrying 7 inch clip point Bowie’s that reminded me. This would be my zombie apocalypse knife. Going to modify the sheath to use a teclok at an angle for a crossdraw.

spine thickness
the 3V also feels heavier to me
handle seems thicker

Tops El Pionero

A Tops El Pionero from Survival Supplies Australia was waiting for me when I arrived back on the mainland. Having a quick play with it now. Designed by Ed Calderon of (edsmanifesto). Feels great in the hand. May have to change the belt clip to one that I can either adjust to a different draw angle or to a (SOB) small of the back, at the moment I’m considering a front mounted horizontal rig. Lends itself to multiple grip positions, that would suit either Pikal use or for an AMOK practitioner. Having the false edge on the spine sharpened for back cuts.

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