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Affiliate Link

After two years of posting I made my first money out of blogging. Not that I’m in it for that or I would have started advertising long ago. Half the information telling me if people are reading was turned off in the first few months of starting up. It became depressing. Only one company ever offered me an affiliate link and that was Survival Supplies Australia. I should really go back and reconnect with other businesses but I usually purchase most of my gear through SSA.

Being on a disabled pension, I’m trying to live off that, build the remainder of my van, pay for rehab, purchase bushcraft gear and pay for training courses. I’m not one for sitting around.

So I just wanted to say thank-you to Micheal. Dont know a last name, just first name and date of purchase. $11 may not seem like much to some but it made my day. I will be spending that on purchasing an invoice /receipt book in order to claim it HAHAAA.

Playing With The light

Playing with the light and shadows amongst the tangled branches of the massive River Red Gums. After the recent hospital stay only managed a 200 meter walk and felt shattered. Had to move the knee or it seizes up after a few days of no activity.

Mobile Sit Spot

Ive discovered I have a mobile sit spot. My van! It comes down to perspective. I can either be working in it, cooking, cleaning etc or simply sitting enjoying everything around me and having the birds and weather come to me.

I often txt a mate pictures of sunsets as an attempt to introduce him to something else. A state of mind. I sit there most nights watching the sun set and it takes my mind some where else. Ill keep doing this until eventually he sends a picture back to me.

The pics below are of just one night. I sat there for two hours taking pictures and watching the colors change through the spectrum.

The colors just kept getting better and better. The best ones are always at the near end.

Are We There Yet

My Local camp spot became a little busy and I decided to travel into the hills to find another, to escape the heat. One place after another being filled up. I ended up on a bit of an adventure and turned up in the middle of BUTTF$KNOWHERE at a mates recommendation. Found a great little camping spot , drop pit toilet included. Ended up visiting places I hadn’t been in years. many having changed and no longer recognizable.

sunset at my standard camping spot
serenaded by maggies at dawn
a park where I went with my grandparents as a child
the old trees were still standing. I luv the old heritage buildings
this place seemed so large when I was a child. It was being Robinson Crusoe. now it seems so small
the pines shaped by the ocean and the wind
great views I spent the day here
still more natural navigation pics
finding shade on a hot day
twisted by the weather. these were here when I was ten
left by a fellow wanderer
twisted branches
cant escape the magpies
cliff face
the pebble beach where I grew up
stopped to avoid the lycra wearers and have a wine tasting
new camp spot where I met the swannies down under

nestled in between the vineyards
moon rising in the background

Magpie Whispering

Its not the first time Ive been accused of starting a Magpie adoption agency. These guys came for another visit while I had my leg up resting.They stayed for over ten minutes picking up the crumbs on the floor I couldn’t even see. Quite content in their mischief. Not as much chortling today though. One female in particular seems to like to visit.

Still getting the hang of posting on you-tube. Ill have to spend a day editing descriptions at some point.

Knuckle Dragging

You’ve heard of knuckle dragging well I was leg dragging today. Been a little under the weather with a mild bug, probably an upper chest infection and was resting up yesterday trying to work on a knot master class amendment and thought Id better do some rehab for the leg today. I hadn’t tried getting down the stairs to the beach as yet and thought a walk to the jetty would be a good goal. I made that easy and then my stubbornness got the better of me and well hows a walk to the river mouth sound.The last 200 meters there I was dragging my leg. It was screaming at me to stop and sit down but I knew if I did Id never get back up. It was a very long walk back to camp and straight onto pain killers.. The furthest Ive walked in two years, since the operation.

night before pics
the jetty of a night
coastal rock formations
end of the beach
jetty closups
the water is almost lake like
sand dunes
river mouth entrance
finally at the river mouth
in the background is the jetty, dont know hoe far it was but it hurt
the last 50 meters and the stairs were the worse
the sea view from my van

Photography and Rehab

The great thing about taking photos when you walking for rehab is that you just have to walk that little bit further to grab that better picture instead of going , that hurts time to turn back . Even if you have to move the vehicle three or four times to make the distance.

todays beach walk. I missed the beaches here
great cliff face formations
river outlet
mullet swimming under causeway
time to try some salt water fishing

(Thylarctos plummetus) Breeding season

(Thylarctos plummetus) or commonly known as the Australian Drop Bear and its the start of their breeding season. This post is not recommended for children.

As to whether or not drop bears are real or a subspecies of koala. I don’t feel that I am adequately qualified to have an opinion on the subject.

Van Update – Sink

I now have a sink and after4 hours of dicking around with several different plumbing and hardware stores also have the correct fittings to plumb in the waste water tank. Still no tap but after months and months of using paper plates and bowls an actual sink was a head rush. Hoping to have the remainder of the timber work finished the week after next.

sink fitted
reducer connections with an internal connector to achieve the right external circumference to match the hose
the splash-back colour Ive chosen and as yet to send away for
finally plumbed for grey water
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