I was asked to do close ups of the contents and what I kept in my char tin. Short story long! Char Cloth of course 🙂 🙂

old tobacco tin
sail needle in lid rather than on knife sheath, bag of char cloth and tinder wick
frensel lense on base, badest bee fire fuses and rope char Ive been experimenting with
I keep an oilskin bag of jute in my haversack
exotac nano candle to use as an extender
tinder wick needs to be unwound
make as finer strands as possible
till a small bush of feathers
the ferro rod needs to be placed on the material when striking

I’m getting into the use of extenders. Tinder wicks and candles. If your in the middle of the bush for an extended period with only one Bic Lighter, Id rather save the fuel and use either a candle or a tinder wick when trying to ignite damp material. Rather than use up all the fuel in a tool with a limited life span then to rely solely on primitive means of ignition. The same goes for the frensel lense. On a clear hot day its very easy to use when incorporating charcloth and jute twine.