I have now owned four Recon Scouts, all with different steels. From the original Carbon V, to SK5 and the last 01 steel. I re-handled the SK5 and sold the 01 in almost mint condition when I heard a 3V version was coming out. 3V being one of my favorite steels. I also hope to grab a Kukri in 3V at some point in time. It feels a little heavier than I remembered and the grip seems slightly thicker which I prefer. I had almost forgotten that I had asked Al from Survival Supplies to get me one in and was watching Hostiles (2017) with Christian Bale and they were carrying 7 inch clip point Bowie’s that reminded me. This would be my zombie apocalypse knife. Going to modify the sheath to use a teclok at an angle for a crossdraw.

spine thickness
the 3V also feels heavier to me
handle seems thicker