I thought they would be more on you-tube on cooking in a military mess tin but there seems there’s not. Most of the ideas are on Northern Embers Outdoors using a FireBox stove. The Military must have eaten a lot of bacon and eggs ,according to other you-tube channels.

I was looking for recipe ideas before beginning this project. Lots on the history, designs and model differences though.I wanted to try something different to cooking bacon and eggs or pasta and MRE’s. (Sorry I can actually cook)To find recipes I had to go back to World War One Trench Cooking at the Yorkshire Trench.

Why am I cooking in Mess kits ? Apart for being a student of history. After trying many cook systems and cutlery it came down to using two brands. One plastic in a triangle shape which holds off the heat through your hands and can use the lid as a plate. I would have liked the same idea but square however and the mess kit which has the advantage of being able to also cook with, having multiple functions. What I’m trying to do is streamline all my gear.


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