Heat Beads

300F 150C 12-13 top 5-6 bottom
300F 180C 177-18 top 9-10 bottom
400F 200C 18-19 top 10-11 bottom
450F 220C 20-21 top 10-11 bottom


Paper Test
Dark Brown – oven is very hot 240-250 C
Light Brown – oven is hot 220 to 230 C
Yellow – oven is moderate 180 to 190 C
Pale – oven is slow 120 C

Hand Test
If you can hold your hand 18 inches over the coals for a fast count of 5 the approximate temperature is 180 C

Flour Test
Throw a few pinches of flour into the camp oven If it doesn’t turn brown within five minutes the temperature is around 120 C (Low), if it goes brown in colour the the temperature is around 180 C( Moderate)