I was talking with a mate and we had the same idea at the same time. He wanted to freshen up his knot skills by making a net and I was interested in making a Gill Net from cordage. (I dont like using nylon, Ive seen too much of it left behind to kill animals and fish). I had done a little cordage making, net making, weaving but wanted to take it to another level.

I could just use a larks head and reef or overhand knots but wanted to learn a few different knots as well. I also wanted to aim at using my hands and not a net needle for this project but because Im shying away from a net needle makes me want to learn how to use one, so Ill see how it goes. So far Im at the research stage and have decided on using a paracord main line and number 6 bank line for the body of the net.

The top knot on the main support line Ive decided to use a bull hitch and have the choice between several others depending on if I decide to use only my hands or a net needle. The knots will be different for both methods.

Below is my research so far!

Haverford nets and net needles

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Snake Knot

Bull Hitch

Netting knot structure

Online Netting knots and classes

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Hammock Knots

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Bank Line size 6