The age old question. Does size matter? I’m speaking of bushcraft knives of course! Ive had a theory for some time that I will be putting to the test very shortly in that a 6 inch bushcraft knife is far better than a four inch blade for Australian conditions. Ive watched many a you-tube clip of Bushcrafter’s overseas in the Northern Hemisphere making feather sticks and carving try sticks, even tent pegs, but try doing those on Aussie timbers which are much denser then I believe a larger blade would be more suited.

Ill be testing side by side a Mora Garberg and a Spyderco bushcraft with an LT Wright Sospes sabre grind with a Helle Nord. In everything from buttoning to finer carving chores to see if the larger blades can also be counted as bushcraft knives rather than be classed in the survival knife category.

Helle Nord

LT Wright Sospes

Spyderco Bushcraft

Mora Garberg