Recently I stopped carrying items either on my belt, because of the sports seats in my Raptor the items would dig into my side. Or in my pockets due to the bulk and weight. My pants kept falling down. I was determined that anything I had in storage that I couldn’t incorporate into my system of carry for all my packs would be either sold or given away. So I started using my Versipack more and it became a habit to grab it every time I went out and I only carry the minimal of gear in it to keep down weight and what I have found I use all the time.

Maxpedition Gear Octa Versipack


Bic Lighter

Gerber Multi tool

Spare Reading Glasses

Torniquet – RATS

Wallet – Maxpedition Gear Spartan


Spare charging cable

Tactical Pen

Knife Benchmade SOCP “There may be cake and for special meat cutting tasks” Coch

Spare Handcuff key

Pry bar

Versipack I wear it over my shoulder
I always have a RATS
elcheapo glasses from chemist
glasses stored in a sea to summit soft bag pen stored on top for easy access
front pouch lighter , torch, multitool, prybar
close up of front pouch contents
pry bar and spare key I wont say where that is stroed
I got the idea for the sock puppet from Talen Sei. Finally found a use for the top section of the versipack. have a velcro belt retainer as a safety