I was reading a book by Jeff Motes “Once Upon an Apocalypse” book 2 and started carrying this system of gear everyday and haven’t looked back. Belt Mounted 1) a cutting tool 2) a way to have light 3) a way to write and 4) a way to create fire. Anything more than this goes in a shoulder bag.

In my pocket I always have a small Bic Lighter and a Benchmade Griptillian when not able to carry gear on my belt.

“Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, pouches, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it can be a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness”.

An EDC kit isnt meant to be a Survival Kit or a Bug Out Bag. It consists of the basic items, to have on hand in helping you respond to situations, that could arise at a moments notice and not have to be reliant on always having a full kit available. Your more likely to carry lightweight, easy to grab gear and leave heavier items and large bags behind during the normal course of the day.

Griptillian and Bic


 Remember multi tasking gear

 limited Space

 Limited Weight

 Potential uses of tools

 How to carry items; key rings, Carabiners, belt, Bum Bags, Maxpedition Pouches, Shoulder Bags-Jack Sacks

 Your Particular needs. How dangerous is your locality or how far do you travel.

 Remove anything with no real purpose

 Practice to find multiple uses for items

 Keep revising equipment

 Selection of equipment; Signalling, Defense, Fire Starting, Lighting, Tools, First Aid, Survival, Cordage, Navigation

Always have an EDC and preferably an IFAK.