The Esse junglas 2 is one of my favorite knives. If I was going on Alone this would be the blade I took with me. Dan from Ochoco Bushcraft gave me the idea of customizing it, by stripping off the powder coating and using feric oxide to give the bare metal a patina. Im also putting a 90 degree spine on the blade. Although I tend to use a tool steel scraper on my ferro rods, this blade Im intending for a stand alone piece to use with minimal equipment.

I wont be changing the grip scales although the new canvas micarta ones look good from the blade connection. The main problem is the shipping from the US to Australia. I like the standard grip panels, however I will be soaking them in Inox to stop them from marking and sealing the micarta with brass lacquer and wiping over the grips before the varnish sets.

junglas 1 at top compared to junglas 2 below

Ill also be modifying the sheath by covering the kydex with leather to give it a more bushcrafty look and doing a leather braid up the edge to finish off the sheath edge.

Finished pictures forthcoming.

I get a lot of good ideas from Dans channel, check out the dingle stick link below this is the only place I have seen this idea demonstrated.


Blade Connection micarta grips

Dingle Stick