I repeatedly say bushcraft is what you make it. You take bits and pieces of what you like from different sources and make it into your own. I was starting to notice something and Im just as guilty of this. Sharpening the spines of blades. I dont do it on all my knives but there are a few that i want for that particular purpose of being able to strike a ferro rod with the spine. Many of my favorites I leave alone. There is also the advantage of scrapping tinder. Which I probably use the spine for more than striking ferro rods. I just change the knife I’m using if the one Im carrying hasn’t a 90 degree spine. Which is why I carry more than one blade. Usually a small neck knife.

I was watching Chris Tanner on Preparedmind 101 while researching the Tops Bob Fieldcraft. I don’t always agree with Chris but if I only watched channels I agreed with all the time I wouldn’t learn anything.

Chris is also having a hard time with several bushcraft trends. He just uses his leatherman saw if he requires a sharp spine for striking a ferro rod. (see links below).

I notice particularly with knots. They’re the same knots passed down from one instructor to another and no one has had an original idea in a while. Thats one of the reasons I started my knot tying articles.

Its good to have a backup in case you loose a striker,( redundancies) but I have been carrying a striker made by Beaver Bushcraft and Leather in 01 steel. I find this much easier to use than a blade spine. I have it attached to my ferro rod with paracord in a reverse twist braid that’s long enough to attach to my belt and fit into my pocket.

Otherwise I usually have an Esse CR2.5 hanging around my neck that does have a sharp spine.

The other option that I’m looking at are necklaces specifically designed as strikers. One in particular I like is from Norseman at Survival Hardware.

On courses your constantly lighting fires for training however in real life , how many times ?Once a day!


Reverse twist ferro rod strap

Preparedmind 101


Ferro Rod Strikers

Beaver bushcraft and leather



Ridge depot



Beaver bushcraft necklaces


Old Growth Artisians

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