Ive been in a leg brace now for six months. I managed to walk for the first time today without crutches or the brace at the physios with hand rails on either side of me and bent the leg to 100 degrees for the first time as well. I start Hydro therapy next week. Still on lots of slow release tramadol and beer at the end of the day and trying to get on the NDIS Scheme after 20 years on disability.

I’m trying to get some cash together for internet courses to keep up training while Im still laid up and downsizing all my gear at the same time. I just don’t have the energy or the concentration to do as many reviews as I had planned before the surgery’s. I can drive short distances but it will take a while before I can get my endurance and fitness level back to a level where I can do a lot of the things I could do before.

I still have the goals of going back and finishing off my level 2 bushcraft at the end of 2023 and the plant based survival courses in Mid NSW. I start Bird Language in Feb and Tracking shortly after that if the leg is up to it.

The following stuff is up for sale or trade. Prices do not include shipping. All items are in very good or unused condition.

Dan Bailey Fly Reel $100
Evolution blackridge FX200 Fly Reel $100
Camenga Compass Global $200
Esker Folding Wooden Bucksaw 24” Birds Eye Maple $120
Olive Ground sheet $20
SUPPLY LINE Ground Sheet 150cm x 225cm – Oxford Nylon $50
Rothco HW Canvas Classic Messenger Bag Brown $45
Canvas bushcraft Shoulder bag camel $35
Helikon Tex bergen backpack OD Green $150
Solo Stove Tripod $70
Sord Torrid Jungle hammock $65
Valhalla Tactical Poncho $60
Helikon Tex poncho US Model Taiga Green $50
Sea to Summit Ultra light sleeping mat SI used once $50
Zebra Stainless steel billys 16cm and 14cm $50 for both
Trangia Kettles sml and lge $50 for both
Stanley Adventure cup no cups $30

Little ark Grain Mill $600

Quickhatch Bushman Knife Californian buckeye Burl Grips with leather sheath 01 steel $450

dan bailey
left camenga right silva expedition
eskaer maple
left OD right supply line
right oilskin right canvas haversacks
bergen odgreen
left valhalla poncho, helikon tex poncho,sord hammock,sea to summit sleeping mat
rear 2 zebras, front 2 trangia kettles left stanley
grain mill
quicknatch bushman