Ive finally transitioned to full time van life. No more staying in a mates backyard and living out of the house with all the luxuries. Still trying to get used to a routine. 5 days a week at the gym for workouts but also for showers, protein powder with fruit breakfasts and cold meat with salad lunches. Haven’t been home for three years. A lot has changed. Start the remaining timber work on the van next week. Its hard finding things to do all day.Trying to do as much walking as possible to build up the knee. Ill get the bike back on the road soon, to fill in a few hours, the walking is seizing up the leg.

Finding different camping spots of a night is harder in the cities. Moving every day so I don’t get kicked out of a spot.

middle of city under the Morton bay fig trees
beach camping
along the river bike ways

Van life TIP number 1

carry your own TP most of the public toilets either only give you 3 pieces as per the automatic versions or are usually out. Another is to carry your own soap and hand sanitizer . its harder and harder to find soap in public toilets especially in Tasmania.