Gondwanna’s Island Hopping Songbirds

You learn something everyday. Well at-least you should aim at learning something new every week. This week on the second session of Bird language with Andrew Turbill we found out that the worlds song birds actually originated with Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia and that Antarctica under all the ice and snow is covered with fossilized beech trees. Its hard to imagine Australia covered with trees and Forrest unlike the desert it is today. The song birds island hopped from Australia to Indonesia when the continental drift brought the land masses close enough to island hop approximately 23 million years ago.

The Bird species in Australia are much older in heritage than the ones in the northern hemisphere and now have more in common with the lyrebirds here than the same looking birds in the opposing hemisphere.




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  1. andrew turbill

    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS | 7:12709 | DOI: 10.1038/ncomms12709 |www.nature.com/naturecommunications
    have a look at this science article mate, it’s a little sciency but has some super interesting ideas about the impact on wet forest songbirds of the great desertification era during Australia’s last 5 million years. if you have trouble accessing the article let me know and I’ll email my copy

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