I came across a Youtube video by Omaha knife detailing the difference in bevels, handle lengths and head weight of the Gransfors line of axes and splitters. I wish someone had done this years ago. I was thinking of what brands of axes I had owned over the years :Eastwing, RMJ, Cold Steel, CRKT, Hibben, Firestone, Fiskars, and think Ive become some sort of axe snob when it comes to bushcraft style of axes. Only going for Gransfors. I am still considering a council tool camp axe. At this stage I own three Gransfors and am looking for a longer handled splitter of around 24 inches.

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Gransfors full Line up and comparison

Australian Dealers I recommend.

Philip and Lea

Dawn mowers


Council Tool Woodcraft Carver

Ill put a picture here of a Firestsone Belt axe I dont believe there are many of these in the country.

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