Desert colour

Some of the ground sheets I can recommend. Ive been sorting through the rest of my gear getting ready for my level 2 bushcraft and thought Id share the ground sheets I use and own. I dont own the Alton Goods Model as I rarely do ultralight hiking but its the only one I could find that was light weight and I have delt with the company before, so its added here. I will have to purchase it i n the futrue for inclusion into my GHB. The vinyl model is average in weight and I have it because its cheap but feels sticky and needs to be worn in I believe. Ive been using the Supply line model. Medium but heavy duty. However Im considering changing over to the 10 oz oilskin canvas model made by Remote Projects as it will cover the end of my Ranger roll better and Ill be using a Monowalker Fatmate Hiking Trolley to carry my gear.

Supply Line Ground Sheet

Ultralight Ground Sheet nylon

Utility blanket 10oz Canvas

Vinyl Ground Sheet