It looks like I am living in Gunaikurnai Country. The Gunaikurnai or Gunai/Kurnai people, are an Aboriginal Australian nation of south-east Australia. They are the Traditional Custodians of most of present-day Gippsland and much of the southern slopes of the Victorian Alps. The Gunaikurnai nation is composed of five major clans.
The five clans that make up the Gunaikurnai community:
The Brabralung people of Central Gippsland
The Brayakaulung people around the current site of Sale
The Brataualung people in South Gippsland
The Tatungalung people near Lakes Entrance on the coast
The Krautungalung people near the Snowy river.
The creation story of the Gunaikurnai features Borun the Pelican.
The first Gunai was Borun the Pelican, who ventured down from the mountains and reached the flat country, carrying a bark canoe on his head. As he was walking, he heard a constant tapping sound and tried to find where it was coming from. When he finally reached the waters of the inlet (near what is now known as Port Albert), he put his canoe down and was surprised to find a woman sitting in it. She was Tuk the Musk Duck and they fell in love, becoming the parents of all the Gunai.
In scientific terms, evidence of human occupation at Cloggs Cave near Buchan, has been dated at up to 17,000 years, while occupation at New Guinea Cave in the same area has been dated to over 20,000 years.