High Speed Steel is a tool steel used to make cutting tool material such as lathe and mill bits to withstand greater temperatures without loosing its temper, allowing it to cut faster hence the name.The Heat treatment is generally above 60 Rockwell. This steel is usually made from Tungsten or cobalt. I looked into it for ferro rod strikers, finding an 200 x 14 x 3mm piece was $80 AUD locally, $20 from Amazon and $6 each from Ali-express. So I grabbed 5 pieces to get free shipping. I’m planning on scoring with at 100mm with a grinder and breaking them in half and doing a Strider wrap over two inches to form a handle. I have tested the steel on my ferro rod . Works great and the size gives me greater purchase for my hands than the smaller strikers that come with many of the ferro rods that are bent tin looking things. Should make good Christmas presents for my bushcrafty mates.

cut to 100mm pieces
stuffed up this one burnt end not covered by cordage had to rebind it. I also moved the cord from 50/50 to 60/40mm
3mm paracord vs 550 cord
just have to seal the tails and make loops

Made a batch up. If I were doing it again I would use 2mm steel instead of three and stick to 3mm paracord and get some more colours. Id also cut the length to 65mm, smaller to fit in the pocket or altoid tins. I’m just using up left over pieces I had on hand.Filled in an afternoon for something different. Ill keep a couple for myself and the rest are giveaways to mates.