You are the weapon. The items you hold are just the tools. This comes down to 1) intent, 2) strategy and 3) tactics. I was trying to explain the perception behind improvised weaponry to a mate, by firstly saying an Aikido proverb. (Hit someone with the biggest weapon you have, the ground.). Everything can be used as a weapon. Many people walk with their side next to a wall for protection, assuming that no one can attack them from the wall side. However this is an assumption, they are actually walking next to their attackers first weapon. A head can easily be pushed into a wall.This was demonstrated to me in kinetic fighting using padding up against the wall.

My second demonstration to my friend was to pick anything in the room and I said I will turn it into a weapon. He chose a welder. You can you the clamp end as a flail, the welding cord as a choke, the electrical cord as a trip, the unit itself as a blunt instrument to throw someone into it, set up a trap with water to cause electrocution.

Everything is a weapon becomes a mindfulness thought process. Walk into a room and see how many weapons you can find. Every flat surface, every sharp edge, every corner becomes a weapon. Its how you perceive them, how to use them as an application and how to manipulate the target into them. You therefore become the weapon.

Types of tools

These can include Penetrating, Slashing, Projectiles and Blunt Force Tools. A person who has the right motivation, talent and will to survive can employ almost any object as a weapon. Sometimes all you have left is your tactical creativity and your motivation and ability for thinking outside the box.

Custom made tools can be as an example surgical rubber tubing with a ball bearing or in the case of metal detectors a lead ball slipped into the end.

Think in terms of; Hard pointy things – all-metal pen, pocket knife, screwdriver, umbrella.

Hard blunt things – flashlight, wrench, bicycle U-lock, bicycle air pump, aluminum clipboard, tire thumper, walking stick or cane.

Sprays – OC/pepper/mace, hair spray, spray paint, bug spray, air freshener.

Flexible things – bicycle chain/lock combo, chain wallet, lanyard and keychain full of keys, short length of heavy duty rubber hose or tubing, heavy belt buckle on a belt.

Clothing – steel toed shoes or boots, hard camera case with a sturdy strap, hard hat (hold it with your hand and use edge or top to bludgeon opponent), gloves with hard plastic knuckle covering (like motocross gloves, or HD construction gloves). Cold steel do a good dvd using a sarong.

Objects with Weight or Mass: A heavy vase or small table can be slammed into the face or torso. Don’t merely toss the item, however. Keep it close to your body, then charge into and through your target.

Makeshift Shields: One physician shielded himself from a patient’s oncoming knife with his briefcase. Large, thick hardcover books also could fit this bill.

Stuff It: A pillowcase containing a hard-hitting object — a brass candlestick, giant ashtray, your defunct toaster — could leave a lasting impression on Mr. Rapist’s face.

Your Mind Is Among the Best of Self-Defense Weapons. “I think, therefore I am armed” I have this tattooed on me in latin. Be smart! Nothing beats preparedness and the ability to improvise. Keep these tips in mind:

Environmental Terrain: If immobilized from behind or lifted off the ground in a confined space (elevator, toilet, and kitchen), get one or two feet onto the edge of a countertop or any flat surface and shove off as hard as you can. You have padding behind you: your attacker! He will “eat” the crash landing.

Distraction: Buy yourself a moment, and then take control! A towel thrown over the eyes could work. So could dirt, sand, household products such as pepper aimed at the attacker’s face and eyes. In the 1995 film Copycat, Sigourney Weaver fights for her life with a serial killer on a restroom floor. Even with her hands chained together, she slashes him with a piece of glass, and then squirts shaving cream in his eyes. This distraction allows her to deliver a killer side kick and flee the restroom.

Practice = Preparation: Wherever you are, imagine you are suddenly ambushed. Give yourself three seconds to get a “weapon” in hand with the emotional and physical readiness to use it. Practice fashioning self-defense weapons wherever you are often until it becomes second nature.

Visualization: Picture yourself in scenarios like “Betty Jo Goes Ballistic.” See yourself fighting back, improvising self-defense weapons from your environment and fighting back with attitude.

Tactics – Anytime you walk into a room or sit down, immediately locate 3 improvised weapons within arm’s reach. Next locate ALL available exits. Sit with your back to/against the wall instead of the room and facing the door. Now you can be comfortable in the room but not before.

ALARM CLOCK- Swing by the power cord at the head and face

ASHES- Throw into the eyes

ASHTRAY- Smash at the temple, nose, throat, wrists, and base of skull

AXE/ HATCHET- Strike at the side and back of skull, backbone, above hips, and solar plexus

BALL BEARINGS- The larger types make great projectiles.

BARBED WIRE- Use as a garotte or rope around the arms or legs tightly

BASEBALL- Throw at enemy or smash vital areas

BASEBALL BAT- Spin it at enemy’s shins or sling at vital areas

BELT- Whip at the temples, jaw, chin, nose, neck, kidneys, and floating ribs

BEER CAN- If unopened, shake it up and pop the top in the face. Then rip can in the half and jab them in their face

BICYCLE- Pick it up by center of handlebars and back of seat. Turn it around fully and fling it, sprocket first in the face. Afterwards, deliver a kick in the groin.

BICYCLE CHAIN- Whip it as a flail striking at vital areas

BICYCLE PUMP – Use it as a nightstick or pour bleach into the pump and blow it in the face after hitting them

BLEACH- Throw some in their eyes and nose

BLENDER- Remove the blades from the blender and use it to slash them

BOILING WATER- Throw it in the face them hit them with the pot

BONE- If it’s the turkey, cattle-sized or bigger use as a club

BOOKS- Use large, hardcover flat books as a shield against knife and fist attacks or deliver blows to arms, neck, collarbone, head, and face.

BOOM BOX- Hit them in the head, face, solar plexus with it. Also makes a good shield against a knife

BOTTLE- Club opponent in the head or face or break it and stab him

BRICK- Tie a rope around the brick and swing it at them. Can also be thrown or smashed on the head.

BROOM- Use it like a bayonet, thrust handle portion into solar plexus, throat, and deflect knife attacks. Also straw end could be set on fire and jammed into the face.

CAMERA-Strike them in the head with the lens portion or if it has a huge zoom lens use it as a club.

CANDLE- Any candle 10″ or larger makes a good club.

CANE- A cane with a hooked handle can be used to beat the skull and hook the ankle, neck, or groin.

CANNED FOOD- Put the can inside a bag, sack, or sock. Tie the bag closed and use it as a club.

CAR ANTANNAE: Listen up, in particular women who walk alone in car parks! You can quite quickly break off a metal car antenna and use it to fend off one or more attackers in a whipping action. The strikes can be very painful and effective and will likely at the very least stun and discourage an attacker from continuing. Remember, often these predators are looking for an easy victim. If you prove to the attacker that you’ll be more trouble than your worth, he’s quite likely to discontinue the attack and seek out someone who will give him less trouble.

CARABINER- Use it a you would brass knuckles. Aim for the nose, jaw, ears, and hands.

CASE OF BEER- A 24 pack of beer also makes a good shield against fist and knife attacks.

CAT- If it’s not declawed throw the cat in their face (the cat will instinctively grab on their face with ten nice sharp claws) and then kick them in the groin.

CB RADIO MICROPHONE- Swing it at vital areas or use it as a garrote

CHAIN- Fold it double and swing it like a flail

CHAIR- Thrust chair legs into groin or solar plexus or it as a shield against a knife.

CIGAR- If lit burn cigar into any exposed skin especially the face, necks, hands, or groin.

CLEANER- Throw the Comet or Ajax cleaner in the eyes.

CLEAVER- Grab a nice big one and chop away at their face, throat, arms, hands, and legs.

CLOTHESLINE- Use as a garrote to choke them.

CLOTHESPIN- Pinch at the nose, ears, fingers, genitals, or breasts.

COAT- Use it as a shield against knife, club, or chain attacks.

COFFEE- Throw the hot coffee in their face first then smash them in the temple or solar plexus with the mug.

COINS- Put them in a sock and swing it like a blackjack.

COMB- Use a steel rat-tail comb and use the teeth to slash the face or the tail to stab the throat or face.

CROWBAR- Strike with the claw size at the temple, face, throat, and hands.

DARTS- Throw at them or clench in your fist and punch away.

DEODORANT SPRAY- Spray in their eyes or put a lighter in front to make a flame thrower.

DIRT- Throw it in their eyes

DIVING KNIFE- Use blade to chop, stab, or slash and club them with the handle

DRAIN CLEANER- Throw it in there eyes, nose, or mouth.

DRAWER- Fling it at them like a frisbee.

DRINKING GLASS- Use the bottom to hit them in the nose, teeth, jaw, collarbone, and temple.

DRILL-Drill at their face, eyes, neck, ear canals, hand, and groin.

ELECTRIC FAN- If plugged in, direct at the face, fingers, or groin. Can also be used as shield against knives and clubs.

EXTENSION CORD- Use it as a garrote or to electrify metal objects.

EYEGLASSES- Fold them up in your fist and use them like brass knuckles, use corners to strike temples.

FACE TOWEL-Tie a bar of soap inside it and use it as a club.

FAN BELT- Whip it at his head, face, hands, and chest.

FILE- A needlepoint file can used to pierce the eyes, throat, neck, solar plexus, under the chin, or up the nostrils.

FILLETING KNIFE- Slash at the hands, wrists, face, and neck.

FINGERNAILS- Claw at the face and neck or gouge at eyes and throat.

FINGER NAIL FILE- for stabbing

FIRE EXTINGUISHER- Discharge it in his face or use it as a smoke screen. To make a spear gun with a carbon dioxide extinguisher, stick a sharp rod in the tube and discharge it. Extinguishers also make a great club.

FISHHOOK- Hook into and tear at any exposed skin especially face, neck, and hands.

FLASHLIGHT-Use the big D-cell flashlights as a club, a koppo stick/kubotan or to blind an attacker if the beam is bright enough.

FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES- Fill a sock with D-cell batteries and use it as a club.

FORK- Stab at the face, neck, solar plexus, hands, and groin.

FROZEN FOOD- Frozen food is usually hard as a rock. In a real life case a man was bludgeoned with 10 pounds of frozen salami producing a wound requiring 55 stitches. Similarly, at a barbeque someone getting slugged with a frozen T-bone steak will cost him a couple of teeth.

GARBAGE CAN LID- Use it a shield against attacks or throw it like a frisbee against their shins.

GLASS- Take a 3 inch wide shard, wrap the hilt with cloth and stab them under the jaw.

GLOVES- Fill it with rocks, gravel, sand, or pennies and slug them with it.

GOLF CLUB- Use it as a club.

GUITAR- Use it a club or take out strings and strangle them with the strings.

HAIRBRUSH- Rake bristles across their eyes. Use the sides to strike the heck and temples. Hammer at the skull and ribs with the handle.

HAIR SPRAY- See Deodorant Spray

HAMMER- Use it as a club, except strike claws first. This delivers more pounds per square inch of pressure resulting in greater damage.

HARD HAT- Use it as a shield or strike him with the visor.

HATPIN- Shove it in his eyes or ear canal.

HEAT GUN- If it’s on, direct towards any exposed skin or hair then hit them with gun.

HOE- Lunge into their throat or stomach.

HOSE- Use it as a whip or if it has a nozzle a flail.

HOT BEVERAGES- thrown at an attacker.

HUBCAP- Use it a shield or smash it flat on their head.

ICEPICK- Stab them in the eyes, top of skull, throat, or kidneys. Also can rammed up their noses or ear canal.

INSECTICIDE- Spray it in their eyes, nose, and mouth.

IRON- If its hot makes a good shield. If cool give a blow to the head with point or swing it by the cord.

JACK- Use it as a club; swing at the head, chest, kneecaps, and neck.

KEYS- Slip it between your fingers and jab it in their eyes and face.

KNITTING NEEDLES- Jab at their face, hands, and chest.

LAMP- While keeping the lamp plugged in charge at them bulb first.

LIGHT BULB- Clasp in hand and hit them in the face with it.

LIGHT SWITCH: Darkness is a brilliant weapon under the right circumstances. If you are attacked by night, the light switch can be the best “weapon” for defense. Simply turn the lights off. Darkness is a tactical advantage for you, after all you know the layout of your own house while your attacker does not. You also know where you have other weapons and escape routes. Darkness could also simply give you the time needed to escape. Also, darkness will increase the blinding effectiveness of your flashlight if you are carrying one.

LIGHTER FLUID- Squirt it on their skin and clothes then throw lit flame on them.

LUG WRENCH- Throw it at them or bludgeon their head with it.

MIRROR- Use the face mirror as a club.

MOUTHWASH- Gargle some and spit it in their face then hit them with the bottle.

NEWSPAPER- Roll it up, swat at incoming punches and jab with ends in groin, ears, eyes, throat, and solar plexus. Also newspaper could be rolled, flexed and held like brass knuckles to strengthen punches.

OVEN CLEANER- Spray it on their skin, eyes, and face.

PADLOCK- Clasp in a fist and use as brass knuckles or even more lethal attach a rope or chain to the lock and swing at their head, face, and hands. A padlock and chain is a street gutter favorite.

PAINT- Spray or throw a bucket full in the face.

PEN- Jab at eyes, throat, ear canals, and temple. Pencils and penlights can be used the same way.

PEPPER- Sling it in their face then hammer the head with the shaker.

PICTURE FRAME- Slam it on his head or throw it.

PILLOW- Use it to block a knife or fist attack.

PING PONG PADDLE- Deliver a chop to the neck, head, and collarbone with the edge.

PISS- You could piss in a cup and throw in his eyes or piss in a bottle and throw it at him. Also there’s the favorite of squatters- a big bucket of weeks old piss!

PLIERS- Pinch and crush the lips, nose, balls, or the windpipe (this can kill!)

POKER- Use it a club striking the head and limbs. Can also be used as a bayonet.

POOL BALL- Throw them at their face.

POOL CUE- Use as lance, heavy end first. Ram into stomach, solar plexus then swing at head and ribs.

PURSE- Load with heavy objects and swing like a mace or use to block attacks.

RAKE- Swing at the face

RAZOR BLADE- Slash at face, wrist, and neck.

ROCKS- See Bricks

ROLLING PIN- Makes a great club.

RUG- Use it like the coat before mentioned or pull a Tom and Jerry, jerk it out from under their feet.

SANDER- Charge at them and attempt to abrade any exposed skin.

SAUCER- Strike face and neck. Holding edgewise.

SAW- Slash at the face, neck, and hands.

SCISSORS- Jab at the eyes, neck, and temple.

SCREWDRIVER- Hold handle to stab at a vital areas or hold shaft for clubbing.

SHIT- They could be distracted if you could take a shit in a plastic bag and throw it in their face. Good reason to pick up after the dog.

SHOES- Throw or use as a club, especially if they are high heel. Strike in it head, face, and neck with the high heel.

SHOVEL- Use blade to thrust and chop then deliver a blow with the flat side.

SIDEWALK- Throw them on the concrete and then smash their head repeatedly in it.

SKATEBOARD- Strike at his temple, nose, throat, hands, collarbone, and shins.

SKI POLES- Use as a lance or strike at head, arms, and chest with side and downward blows.

SMOKING PIPE- Holding like a gun, jab it in the eyes or grasp the stem and hammer on sensitive areas.

SOLDERING IRON-Clench it in your hand and drive it into the face, neck, solar plexus, and hands.

SPEAKERS- Pick up and strike at his head, chest, or use as a shield.

SPOON- Use it to glove eyes or sharpen it into a knife.

STEAK KNIFE- Use it to slash at wrists and neck, stab at chest, or hammer blows into the shoulder and head.

STAIRWAY- If going up the stairs pretend to trip, kick him HARD in the groin backwards, and leap on him feet first. If going down, suddenly drop down on your heels and jerk his feet out from under him high.

TEETH- Attack at fingers, ears, nose, lips, throat, and sinus.

TELEPHONE- Detach it from the plug and swing it like a bola.

TENNIS RACKET- Give a chopping blow with the edge or jab handle into the abdomen or throat.

TOILET BRUSH- Brush end into eyes and use end of handle to hammer blows to the jaw.

TRASH CAN LID- used as a shield.

UMBRELLA- Jab at the throat, face, and solar plexus.

WALL- Grab his head and ram it into the wall.

WATCH- Slip over your knuckles and punch away.

WINDOW SHADE ROLLER- Use it as a club or a lance.

WRENCH- The bigger it is, the better. Strike at the head, ribs, neck, groin, and kneecaps.

YO-YO- Throw at their head, swing or hammer at vital areas with it.