10 percent variation

My favorite quote ” Who doesn’t carry tarps and bags of sand to make track traps while on holiday . Doesn’t everyone do that, its normal isn’t it.” David Wege

Hopefully more Aussies will join next year. I found it very interesting listening to speakers that have had experience over many years reading tracks and deciphering them.


Ive not what you’d ever call a Birdie Person. Unless you could eat a bird I wasn’t really interested. However after getting into Bird Language my view point has changed. Now watching presentations on bird tracks and seeing that people have taken it to a level where they can tell the difference between pigeon breeds comparing that to doves tracks amazes me. A pigeon track has always been a pigeon track to me. the presentations are opening up whole new ways of me looking at the tracks I find around me. This is why I’m drawn to Bushcraft. There are so many subjects to learn , no time to ever get bored. Im always learning something new.

Bone Identification Soren Decraene


• David Wege – Bird tracks

• Oded Davidovich – Gaits and gait analysis

• Ulrike Quartier – Trailing and education

• Sören Decraene – Bone identification

• Diliana Welink – Sign of invertebrates

• Larissa Slaney and Fredrick Kistner – It’s otterly confusing

• Francis Collie – Once upon a track

• Lisa Fenton – Tracking in the Ethnosphere

• Bob Cowley – Slugs slide and snails sneak

• Jose Galan – The importance of modern trackers in support of archaeology, paleontology, and human evolution

• René Nauta – Feeding remains

• Thomas Baffault – Tracking as a rewilding skill

• Asaf Ben David – when gerbil and rat meet

• Kim Cabrera – Tracking to improve camera placement

• Michal Králik – Tracking and monitoring migration

• Dan Puplett – Mustelid tracks and sign

• Toni Romani – Applications for tracking

• Panel – Tracking questions answered by Casey McFarland, Kersey Lawrence, Preston Taylor, John Rhyder and Rene Nauta

Invertebrates Diliana Welink. I never thought Id be tracking snails, slugs and spider excrement but I see the sign every where. I now look up when I see dark dotes left on flat surfaces and know there are spiders above me. Mushrooming in the forest I see traces of bite marks in mushrooms and can now tell the difference between a mouse or rat taking a nibble compared to a slug or snail.

Each musculus species has a specific tooth pattern
Im now tracking snails along every window