Another Pathfinder School mystery solved. Ive been thinking about this one on and off for a few weeks. In the Pathfinder basic kit list has a 5×7 survival blanket.”No bigger no that two of them can be joined together in a partner exercise.” Which means the seam would have to be at the ridge-line to fit two people into an emergency shelter.

So how do you attach two survival blankets together without them leaking. Blanket stitch them with paracord and feed a ridge-line through the stitching? Straight stitch them? Use toggles?

I almost had it. I got as far as using a piece of timber as the ridge brace but left it at that. Then came across the below video. Use two braces! Awesome. This one uses a poncho but same concept. I want to try and make an A-frame log shelter using the same method in order to have a chimney.