I generally only use the surgeons loop, figure 8 bend, fisherman’s, and sheet bend usually doubles for bushcraft when joining two pieces of cordage toether. However I came across the reever knot that was more like a braid, which interested me. Ill be testing out this knot and where I can find an application for it that the others wont fit in.

You may be seeing a lot more on knots in the following posts. I lost my interest in bushcraft for a little while after a rather arduous trek, all of two kilometers of it and thought if my knee stays this damaged whats the use of trying to get back in the field. Then something snapped in me and I started pushing myself even harder than I was before. So screw it! I’ll be focusing on projects that are easier for me to manage for the blog in the meantime. In between working on the carpentry for the van and rehab.