Ive been reorganizing my all my gear into boxes ready for my move into a smaller van. Selling my 17 foot caravan and building a 14.5 foot off road trailer more suited for extended off road use. I came across some of the equipment I had purchased when I was a member of a HAM Radio club preparing for my licence.

This had more to do with communications . I’m attempting to get back into it after urging from a mate in the US. Rob from Practical Survivor Blog.

When looking up some of the antenna systems on the AMP 3 site it looks like they no longer list them but I have emailed to see if they are still available.

Follows are a couple of shortwave long wire antennas and a crystal Radio from Patriot Radios that also looks like they no longer exist. I have included a link to Geojohn crystal radios. I first started getting into crystal radios after seeing a WW2 movie of prisoners of war making a radio that did not require power to receive news from the outside.

I have also included a link to the Baofeng users handbook.

crystal radio
packet decription
packet contents
slim Jim antenna

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Baofeng Users Handbook


Crystal Radios