Knife Only Survival Skills by Tony Nester

About 130 pages long, I read it in half a day. The first half of the book details the big 5 survival priorities and PMA positive mental attitude and for the first time someone has actually said from interviews that no one remembers the acronyms that are drilled over into us in courses.
Survival Psychology actually makes sense the way tony explains it. The first half of the book concentrating on basic fire making, water, shelters and signalling for someone stuck for three days.
The second half focuses on longer term skills such as hand drill, dead falls, procuring fish and wild game. Survival wild game meaning rodents.
Wasn’t really much on knife skills that I assumed the book was about but what I liked is he went through scenarios and explained how his courses worked and predicaments that people found themselves in.

Would I buy it again . No. Would I read it again. No. Would I recommend it. Yes to the right person. Would I buy other books by the same author Yes definitely. Did I enjoy reading it. Yes. Did I learn anything. Quite a lot, filled in some holes. Hard to say that from books coming out on the market at the moment. How would I describe it. A survival book not a bushcraft book, but a survival book that gets you interested in reading more on the subjects that were brought up. I cant say that about many books either.
Having said I wouldn’t read it again. After finishing this review I’m going to read it again. Just to pick out the little bits and pieces that I want to look into in more detail.