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I developed an interest in lock picking when I worked in the security industry however i found there were much easier ways of breaking in than standing there picking a lock. I was going to start my own business at one stage helping people on a residential level to prevent break-ins many years ago.

However with lock sport starting up withn Australia the last few years and being on a walking frame for a time Ive been looking back into it as a hobby. Below is a list of equipment that I have started acquiring.

Sparrows Ranger set

6 x Picks with thermal handles

1 x Level 1 Wrenches

1 x Padlock shim set

1 x Wafer keys


1 x Mini Jim

Australian bump key set small

1 x Lockwood LW4

1 x Lockwood LW4R

1 x Gainsborough TE2

Sparrows traveller hooks

Southord auto jigglers

Sparrows coffin keys

Sparrows quick shims

Sparrow mantis

handcuff shims

Sparrows master switch

Sparrows shank

Sparrows 3 in 1 clear practice lock spool, standard and serrated

Brockhage practice padlock

Practice handcuff

Lishi LW5 2 in 1 6 pin and spacer

Youtube channels i like. the modern rouge, lock noob, lock picking lawyer, its tactical, deviant oliam, dark arts lock picking.

Keep an eye out at DALP for up coming training courses.


Lock bypassing

Pick every sort of lock

lock picks

lishi LW5

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