My LT Wright Sospes arrived today with special thx to Rob from Practical Survivor for shipping it over to me from the US, the way the postage is at the moment. Doesn’t weigh as much as I thought it would from the you-tube clips mentioning heft. Very well balanced, beautifully made.I don’t know why LT Wright stopped making the model. I would have liked the scandi ground version but the sabre was the last one I could find any where. I think the rocky mountain grip put people off purchasing but it feels great in the hand no hot spots and adds to the look. Ill enjoy testing it out later this week. Thx Dave for sending through the pics, the resolution is smaller than usual but my phone is playing up.

I really like this one
JRE Industries sheath
Purchased from Old towne Cutlery

May have to copy and paste the link to Robs blog that seems to playing up too.