I touched on a Marlin Spike Hitch briefly when using a Truckers Hitch, however I neglected to make it an addition to the original 25 knot system. Where Ive started using it more is for tent pegs. I wanted a quick release knot to use in emergency shelters when incorporating a reflective blanket as a lean-to. The bottom eyelets weren’t quite large enough to place a peg straight through the eye. So using a Marlin Spike meant i could still get a peg close to the grommet but didn’t have to tie a knot I couldn’t undo at a later stage. makes it number 29 of bush knots to learn .

Uses : Hammock, hand holds, ladder, tent pegs, T handle for dragging, hanging your pack, quick deploy ridge-lines,

How to Tie

Hammock Suspension


Different knots from a marlin spike and applications

Pack Hanger

Cord Extender 13:00