When I first tore my quad tendon I txted a few instructors to let them know I would have to put off training for a few months. That has become till after summer now. First day at rehab and I couldnt bend the knee as far as I would have liked.

I had arranged to do a few days of primitive fire lighting with Rick J Peterson and the first thing he said to me was look after your mental health first. I thought a few months in a brace and walking frame peace of piss Ive been through worse but after a while or the amount of pain trying to hobble around and just not getting anything done eats at you.

I talked to a doctor once after some other surgery and was asked how do you deal with stress? Beer! How do you deal with pain? Beer! How do you deal with depression? Beer! but the thing is i dont like drinking anymore.

I came across something on my youtube feed I kept going past and finally in a moment of boredom clicked on and wanted to share by Shawn Boland. The fucking bluff Creek Chronicles, however under that link youll find some great stuff on mental health. Enjoy.

Rick J Peterson


Bluff Creek Chronicles

Mental Health